IMG_20170819_115613_535Hello and Welcome !

My name is Nathaniel , and I am a professional performing strongman who aims to entertain and inspire the world by performing “impossible” feats of strength and athleticism . I do this with a slim athletic build , not your typical strongman appearance . Hence the title “Mighty” which means “possessing great and impressive power or strength, especially on account of size”. Many of the feats would be extremely challenging even to the largest strongmen on earth , while some of the feats have never been done by anyone in history . This leaves the audience in amazement and fills their minds with wonder. How is this possible ?

Testimonial from a recent performance . Ann said ” oh my goodness! He was absolutely amazing! The best guest speaker we have ever had. We were all mesmerized by him.”

This website will serve as a gateway to everything that I do . I am aiming to go far beyond definitions and names , to go far past anything you could label as a “strongman” . I will always offer live performances ( You may contact me for booking ) which can entertain , but , I am also extending my services to include one on one coaching , nutritional consultation ( I have studied nutrition and cooking for years and it is one of the keys to my success ) as well as live streams and webinars , all of which will help those who follow me to become the absolute best versions of themselves .

This website will also display my steel , hand bent , sculptures and one of a kind works of art , which will be readily available for purchase .

again , welcome aboard , I am happy to have you with me . Together we can do wonderful things !

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Sincerely yours ,

Nathaniel ” The Mighty ” Day