A quick summary of my background

I was born with some health problems and growing up I faced many difficulties . By the time I was a teenager I had faced serious epilepsy ( I would wake up with bruises from shaking hard in my sleep ) , pre-diabetic condition ( High blood sugar from a poor diet) , sleep apnea ( difficulty getting oxygen while sleeping , trouble recovering , leading to an oxygenating machine being used while sleeping ) , this all lead to problems in school and eventually being put on various pharmaceuticals which seemed to adversely affect my health further .

  As a child my favorite pastime was to read books . I particularly enjoyed non fiction . My mother was a nurse so she had medical textbooks around the home . I started devouring any information I could on health and exercise . In my studies I found out about men and women from a bygone era , an era pre steroid , Where absolutely amazing feats of strength were performed . Through their ways of life they were increasing not only muscle strength , but , neural (mental) strength , bone strength , ligament & tendon strength . These amazing people became just a few of my teachers and guides . 

  Over the years , through continued study of nutrition, exercise & herbalism , I  healed myself of all the ailments of my childhood . I Got off all pharmaceuticals . The epilepsy went away , the inability to focus went away , sleep improved , weight came off , blood pressure and cholesterol became great . Overall my body became full of a new vitality .


Unfortunately , while growing up and developing myself into a better condition , I had to witness my grandparents die from preventable heart disease and had to watch my father succumb to pancreatitis , diabetes , drug addiction and nutritional deficiency . He ended up not being a part of my life early on and I watched him go from a 300 lb muscular strong man , withering down , to a 100 lb and under sickly figure . This painfully motivated me greatly to go another route .

Every adversity,every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

   The old time performer that always drew me in the most was “The Mighty Atom” . To make a long & strange story short , I learned that he passed down his steel bending art form and practices to only one gentleman , Slim Farman .Slim passed it down to a few others . Through a series of strange coincidences and bizarre events I ended up meeting  some of these teachers and valuable information and practices have been passed to me . Now the journey continues !

  I now perform , entertain  and inspire with my performances just as the old time strongmen did that I had read about as a younger man . The steel that I bend is transformed through my being  and becomes unique artifacts that withstand time & space .    Thank You !   I may also be consulted with about your personal health , nutrition , or exercise programs . I love to help .