this page will display many of my ” Scrolls” . Scrolls are artistic creations made

by hand bending , without the use of tools or heat , very long pieces of steel . This practice has a fascinating history . Many of the absolute strongest human beings in history would practice this artform , which combines strength with mental power in stunning fashion .

If you see any you would like to own , or if you would like to commission a brand new creation , contact me now . 


 Here is one of my teachers Alexander Zass performing and doing a scroll 

Here is another Old Time Strongman performing a scroll 

Here is a simple quick one that I did to demonstrate 

 I use nothing , but occasionally a pair of gloves to protect the hands , and I use 10 – 20 ft bars of steel ( sometimes multiple bars intertwined to produce interlocked and more intricate constructions ) and I begin bending and analyzing . I visualize as I go , exactly how I want the steel to flow and to twist . In the beginning the bends take maybe 50 to 100 lbs of force , but it quickly escalates . As the steel becomes shorter and coiled the forces required to initiate another bend or to move a section can go all the way up into the 1,000’s of lbs or more . There really is no limit , only the mind and body of the strongman sculpting . I get lost in the process or journey and hours go by while seeming like mere seconds . I may spend weeks or longer on a sculpture or scroll until it is complete . After hours of bending , the hands are tender and I can feel throbbing in not only all the muscles but in the bone tissue , tendons and ligaments  . After proper rest combined with good diet , and my herbalism practice , the bodily system comes back stronger than ever and ready to do it again ! The satisfaction upon completion of a difficult and long scroll is truly amazing . What started as a perfectly straight bar of solid steel ends up looking alive and becomes a work of art which will last indefinitely against the clutches of time  .

Thank You for taking a look . Come back for updated images and more information